The BAS fleet is a range of modern vehicles no older than 3 years old, adapted for our purposes.. They provide us a genuine advantage for a wealth of different tasks and scenarios. Aside from traditional tankers and support vehicles we also have some more specialised vehicles.

Our low clearance vehicles are highly customised to allow us to offer services in areas with low clearance or restricted access. This makes them ideal for car parks and undercrofts, where traditional tankers simply are not applicable.

The BAS Fleet

Vacuum Tanker

The biggest and strongest vehicles on our fleet, capable of enormous capacity and moving the heaviest loads

Confined Space Tanker

Perfect for Car Parks or other height or width restricted areas, this specialist tanker is one of our most popular vehicles in the fleet

Confined Space Trailer

Working in tandem with the Confined Space Tanker or one of our other vehicles, this specialist trailer carries the required equipment pit entrances.

Support Vehicle

Agile and quick to attend any reactive emergency attendance within our coverage area.

Jetting Unit

Our workhorse vehicles, capable of clearing through any blockages with its high pressure cleaning and CCTV systems