Tankering, Jetting, Drainage and Pump services.

24/7 Emergency response

BAS Group is dedicated in providing an unparalleled quality of service for our highly respected portfolio of clientele.

In unison with our dedicated team of specialists, we pride ourselves on offering a renowned, reliable and flexible service across all regions of any commercial activities.

With continued growth and investment within the group, we always aim to achieve our client’s expectations in moving forwards together.

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Our reactive Drainage and Plumbing Response Team are operational within the whole of the South East region with our dedicated Tanker and Pump Services supporting the UK nationally as far as the Scottish Border


The BAS Fleet

Vacuum Tanker

The biggest and strongest vehicles on our fleet, capable of enormous capacity and moving the heaviest loads

Confined Space Tanker

Perfect for Car Parks or other height or width restricted areas, this specialist tanker is one of our most popular vehicles in the fleet

Confined Space Trailer

Working in tandem with the Confined Space Tanker or one of our other vehicles, this specialist trailer carries the required equipment pit entrances.

Support Vehicle

Agile and quick to attend any reactive emergency attendance within our coverage area.

Jetting Unit

Our workhorse vehicles, capable of clearing through any blockages with its high pressure cleaning and CCTV systems